Latham, NY: State Police release – The investigation into the fatal limousine crash killing 20 on October 6, 2018 is ongoing.

Currently, a State Police Forensic Investigation Unit is examining the vehicles involved in the crash and a State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit will perform a mechanical examination of the limo, to determine if it was mechanically sound.

Data is being collected from the scene and that information will be examined and analyzed.

State Police are in possession of the airbag control module, what would be considered the vehicle’s black box, and that is being analyzed for post-crash data.

Investigators are continuing with interviews of witnesses and family members and autopsies of the victims are also still ongoing at Albany Medical Center.

State Police confirm the name of the limousine company is Prestige out of Saratoga County.

State Police also confirm the driver of the limo did not have the appropriate license to operate the vehicle.

In New York State, a limo with 15 or more seats available, excluding the driver, falls under the definition of a bus and requires a Passenger endorsement ‘P’.  The operator of the limo involved in this collision required the ‘P’ endorsement, which the driver did not possess.

State Police will not release a list of victim names or confirm victims’ identities until they have been completed, identifications have been made and families notified.

Due to the severity of the crash, this process is taking some time.

We do know that the victims were active on their cell phones prior to the crash – both texting and on social media – we are asking anyone that may have been in contact with the victims to contact State Police at 518-630-1700.