NEW YORK, NEW YORK – A B-1Lancer flies in formation with four F-35 Lightning II fighters over Manhattan as part of the “Salute to America” on July 4th, 2020. The Salute to America is part of a 4th of July demonstration of our military capability, with a combined force of United States Air Force and United States Marine Corps aircraft flying from Boston, over Manhattan to Baltimore and ending at Washington D.C. The flight features F-16 fighters from the USAF Thunderbird Demonstration Team. F-15 Strike Eagles, a B-2 Bomber and four F-22 fighters, a B-1 Bomber with four F-35 fighters, and a single B-52 bomber. The demonstration comes at no additional cost to the taxpayer, and serves as training and flight time to help maintain the proficiency of the pilots and aircrews. (USAF Photo by Staff Sgt. Christopher S. Muncy)