Amid Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, Governor Cuomo Announces Deployment of 1,000-Bed Hospital Ship ‘USNS Comfort’ to New York Harbor March 18, 2020- Albany, NY- Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a press briefing on Coronavirus, Met with hospital administrators to increase 50,000 beds through waive of Dept. of Health Regulations, Meets later today with Army Corp of Engineers to increase hospital capacity. Announced President Trump dispatches USNS Comfort Hospital ship to New York, Announces Mandatory no more than 50% workforce statewide can leave home. Total new cases in state at 2,382 with 1,008 new cases confirmed (Darren McGee- Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo)

New York City Strong Albany, NY: Governor Cuomo reports 3.18.2020
“We are fighting a war against this pandemic and we know that two of the most effective ways to stop it is by reducing density and increasing our hospital capacity so our healthcare system is not overwhelmed,” Governor Cuomo said. “The deployment of the USNS Comfort to New York is an extraordinary but necessary step to help ensure our state has the capacity to handle an influx of patients with COVID-19 and continue our efforts to contain the virus. Partnering with the private sector to require nonessential employees to work from home will also go a long way toward bending the curve. My number one priority is protecting the public health so that a wave of new cases doesn’t crash our hospital system, and we will continue taking any action necessary to achieve that goal.”